Our Services:

We offer customized services tailored to your organization. No two situations are identical. We strive to understand you, your clients and audiences, your goals.

We want to know you well, but learn about you quickly and develop communications strategies that serve you well. We’re fast learners. Just look at our range of experiences. And we use traditional, new and social media to get you where you want to be.

Our services include:

Public and media relations/contacts – We can of course help you with press releases and with getting stories out to new and traditional media about your people and efforts. But we also have worked the other side, as a journalist, and know well that it takes much more than a flashy press release to get attention. We have a network of contacts that makes us especially adept at this.

Media training and coaching – The problem with getting media attention is, well, you get media attention. It’s not the job of the media to be your friend (or your enemy) but to get the story that will attract the largest audience. We train you to deal with the media, understand what they want and don’t want, how to handled tough questions and unwanted attention, and more. We conduct and videotape mock media interview sessions and provide both immediate feedback and long-term suggestions.

Presentation/speaking skills training and coaching – Almost everyone can be a better public speaker. There are many things even frequent speakers aren’t aware of that can be improved. We will take years of experience working with actors such as Tom Hanks, and politicians and CEOs and get you to be the best presenter/speaker you can be.

Speeches and General Writing Assistance – Here, too, our range of experience is invaluable. We work with upper and mid-level people in your organization to sharpen your writing – make it clearer, more familiar, less flowery, more understandable to a wider range of people.

Communications Strategy and Messaging – What are your communications goals, and how do you achieve them? Do you want to change your organization’s image? Become better known to new audiences? Capitalize on goodwill you worked to build? We help you develop strategies to reach your goals, and clear, focused messages to back that up.

Crisis Management – Dealing with a crisis can be an organization’s greatest challenge. Media scrutiny in these situations can be intense and relentless. You need to be ready not only to appear to be doing the right thing, but to actually be doing the right thing – in ways where you maintain some control.

Market/Competitive Intelligence – What your competitors are up to can play a significant role in what you do. We are skilled interviewers and information gatherers who can acquire, digest and convey to you important information about your competitive environment.

Customized Seminars and Workshops – Once we get to know you, we work with you to develop tailored programs to suit the specific and changing needs of your organization, leaders and employees.