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We help our clients communicate more effectively:

  • To customers and clients.
  • To diverse existing and new audiences
  • To the media – social, new and traditional.
  • Within your own organization.

We do this by:

  • Working with you to refine and strengthen your written communications, speeches, presentations, etc.
  • Training you to handle and control (as best you can) media coverage, and building strong relationships with relevant media.
  • Coaching and conducting workshops and seminars to train upper and middle management
  • Aiding you in dealing with crises that emerge
  • Developing strong but flexible communications strategies and campaigns
  • Working on site with you and your key people whenever possible. In this era of virtual communication, nothing works as well as being there in person.

Our work is always customized – tailored to your particular business, competitive environment, and internal organizational culture and style.

Because of the proliferation of media outlets – from the behemoths of 24 hour a day cable news and influential websites, to the lightning-fast reach of social media, to the woman next door who has her own well-read blog, you need someone with a long and successful history of communicating effectively in all media.

That is what Seldner Media provides.